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Corporate Membership


As part of our ongoing strategy, the BCIPE is striving to develop a continuing competency program. .


Most organizations, such as professional engineers, have a similar program where each individual must take a designated numbers of training hours each year to remain fully qualified. With the changing technologies, economic conditions and loss of industry experience, we feel there is a real need for on going training for the Power Engineer.


With this in mind, we will not be competing with educational institutions such as BCIT, as they already have a mandate to provide the training required to obtain the education needs for each certificate level.


We at BCIPE, feel this continuing competency program will add to the knowledge of each individual, but it will come at a cost so we are looking for support from industry such as you. The BCIPE Continuing Competency lectures, seminars will be oriented on subjects as energy saving, go green, carbon tax and improving your plant efficiency. We welcome your ideas and any future suggestions that may assist this goal.


The B.C. Safety Authority has provided us with the names of 18,000 power engineers they have on file. The status of these engineers is unknown at this time, so we need to establish how many engineers we will need to give training to.

  1. Could you supply us with the name and class of each power engineer working in your plant? This would be kept in strict confidence and would be only used to develop the data base for training. Contact information, email address or phone number, for the individual would also be appreciated.
  2. We ask that companies consider paying the annual Institute of Power Engineers dues for employees, much like companies do for other professional fees


Corporate Membership may be held by any corporation which chooses to pay the membership fees and dues of at least five employees. Each employee will be considered a Member in his or her own right. These Members will in all respects be equal to and enjoy the same privileges as other Members. The corporation will not retain any rights of membership in its own name.


Corporate membership dues and fees: The dues and fees for each new member will be $105.00 - $21.00 discount = $84.00 For present IPE member renewal, dues and fees are $ 85.00 - $17.00 discount = $68.00



  1. Complete the Corporate Membership application form.
  2. Each member shall complete the regular BCIPE member application.
  3. Mail the Corporate dues, fees and application forms to the address on the application.


Advantages of a corporate membership

  1. Employee/members will be more actively involved in their professional association and more actively aware of progress in the field of Power Engineering. They will be updated on changes to the boiler regulations and educated on the effects of these changes
  2. The BCIPE will place your Power Engineering employment ads free on its website. The BCIPE will give your Power Engineering employment ads the personalized effect as they will be e mailed to each member on the membership list.
  3. Each corporate employee will be entitled to a 20 % discount when he / she signs up for a BCIPE Continuing Competency program.
  4. The networking combined with the Continuing Competency program will enhance the public relations, the knowledge gained by the company and employee.


Bob Norton at steamer48@shaw.ca or call 604-417-9114
BCIPE website is as follows